MaPs has concluded!

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The Making Publics Project concluded officially with the end of our SSHRC MCRI Funding in December 2010. We're grateful to our many partners who supported our research, scholarly, and outreach endeavours between 2005 and 2010. MaPs has been an extremely successful project - and continues to inspire the work of many of those associated with it.

From here...

Because of the continuing interest in the work of the project, and the realization that the Project in many ways served to better articulate a vast research problematic and topic, the work continues. Rather than closing up shop, we're opening it up. The new Making Publics website ( This website is now an online community and research environment for the study of public life and forms of association in early modern Europe. It's open to everyone; we hope you join us there!

For those of you looking for the old website - if you're a digital researcher, a project or team member, or just someone who listened to the CBC series and wants to know more about the project, please visit There you'll find detailed accounts of the project, summaries of its activities, and critically, the archive of project websites. The last edition of the project website dates to 2010: if you have an OLD url for a project document or link, replace with and the link should work. Here's an example: is now Your old logins are still valid. For a public page example see: is now